Living with a Drever…
They will make you smile & Laugh!

Lots of LOVE
Must have a fenced yard
Requires some daily activity
Must have diligent training
Some like digging
Expect lots of Kisses!!!

Health: Extremely healthy breed there are no real health issues that plague the Drever. The average life expectancy is 15 years of age. Drevers are very sturdy agile dogs.

Things to know: Drevers are a Hound and because they are a hunter they are not an “off leash” dog. They will follow their nose! Diligent obedience training is a must since they love to hunt. Drevers are extremely intelligent and need to be challenged mentally through play and games.

Temperament: Sweet, Gentle, Friendly & Outgoing. Drevers love people, kids & other pets!
Drevers love to please but can also be determined. They are a gentle breed and are easily corrected


Activity: Drevers love to run! They are great companions! Any outdoor activity is great (hiking, biking, walking, etc.) They love to hang out with their people doing whatever you are doing. Suggested activities: Wounded Animal Recon, Barn Hunting, Scent Work, Shed Hunting, Lure Coursing, Rally, Agility, Therapy Dog and Conformation. We are even going to try Dock Diving.

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